Best Place to Play Darts

Black Derby Saloon

Though the Black Derby Saloon offers more than just darts, a cursory glance at the off-kilter pool table and pinball machine-turned-plant holder shows that's not why people come. Run by a little old lady named Doris who decries plastic-tipped "wussy darts," the Black Derby exists because of the ten dartboards that command more than half of this tiny Kingshighway dive. Leagues roll through on weekday evenings (though boards are always left open for casual players) and Saturday night features a $6 blind-draw tournament with an 80 percent payout and a free drink for the winner. The boards, each bearing a tag that declares it "certified for league play by the Mississippi Valley Dart Org.," are immaculately kept; your darts produce a crisp "pop" with each throw — assuming you hit the board.
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