Best Place to Play Darts

Blueberry Hill

On his deathbed, Scilurus offered a bundle of darts to each of his 80 sons. He bade them break them. When all refused, the Greek strongman drew out one dart at a time, snapping them between his fingers. The lesson? If his sons held together, they stayed strong; if divided, they were weak. Or at least so says Plutarch. These days darts don't see a lot of action by way of lessons learned -- except at Blueberry Hill. Gaze up in the cavernous dart room to get plenty of inspiration from champs past and present. Then focus on the massive bank of boards -- not those tinny soft-tip machines; these are all-bristle, baby, all the time. But give a nod to Scilurus next time you sidle up to a board at Joe Edwards' original joint. Your team will thank you for it.
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