Best Place to People-Watch

The World Naked Bike Ride

Furtively. Out of the corner of your eye. Perhaps even behind sunglasses despite it being dark. But in five minutes at the World Naked Bike Ride, you will see more interesting people — and more of those people — than anywhere this side of Burning Man. Hippies and hipsters, old fogeys who've stopped caring and timid newbies doing it on a dare — you'll witness a cross-section of the entire city hanging out (literally) and having fun. The weird part, though, is how quickly all that nudity becomes mundane. Sure, for the first ten minutes, it's (what's the word?) titillating. But then it starts to feel strangely normal. Eventually the only people you're people-watching are the creepers, hanging out on the fringes of the bash, trying to take stealthy photos with their phones. This past summer's ride drew an estimated 2,500 riders and 1,000 more spectators, proving that the best way to bring attention to causes as diverse as oil dependency, bicycle awareness and body-image issues is with a solid dollop of soft-core nudity.

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