Best Place to People-Watch

Busch Stadium

Face it. The "Best Fans in Baseball" trope aside, Busch Stadium is not reserved for real baseball fans. True adherents of the national pastime can be found at home following the game on TV, radio or the Internets. Why's that? Because there are just too damn many distractions at Busch — from that annoying "Cha Cha Slide" song (you know: "Everybody clap your hands") to the cap dance, the Kiss Cam and Fredbird's T-shirt launches. Most distracting of all are the people. How are you supposed to pay attention to the game when you're surrounded by a red sea of humanity 40,000 strong? And while a scattering of these folks are fine to look at, ask yourself how many times you've looked out over the masses and marveled, "Good God, where on earth did all these frickin' hoosiers come from?"

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