Best Place to People-Watch

St. Louis County Circuit Court Building

Any Sunday School pupil worth his weight will tell you that sinners descend into Hell. The St. Louis County Circuit Court throws a wrench into that simple truism. Upon entering the immense brick edifice, visitors ascend (via elevators, no less!) into this modern-day purgatory. You want human pathos? The place is swarming with tortured souls — from the domestically abused to the financially wronged. You want rightful indignation? Take a gander at the jumpsuit-clad perps and the weeping families of violent crimes. You want truly divine comedy? Look no further than the attorneys in their ill-fitting suits and the obese clerical workers shuffling by in their white Reeboks and Doritos-stained blouses. Just as Hell takes all comers, so too does the legal system. It may not be pretty, but it's damn well worth watching.
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