Best Place To People-Watch

University City Loop

People-watching on the University Loop isn't planned; it just happens. At any given time, there is a parade of humanity akin to a United Colors of Benetton ad with feet. Teenagers with piercings and leather walk past businessmen in corporate suits, who pass thirtysomething couples walking hand in hand. Then there are the regulars: The Vietnamese man who peacefully does his morning exercises on the corner of Leland and Delmar. The grandma babysitters who gather in front of Starbucks, kids in tow, blissfully visiting while their wards play. The skateboarding kids who travel in packs. Add to all this a brass band, a few really bad guitar players, some Sunday drumming and a glass of wine from any of the great restaurants, and the result is an urban hum that will keep most anyone preoccupied for hours.
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