Best Place to Meet Women

The Loop Trolley

Staff Pick

You want to meet women, because women are great, but today's world is a series of screens and everyone (including you) seems to be lost in a dating sea of two-dimensional strangers. Consider then, if you will, the Loop Trolley on Delmar. Consider the image of yourself riding in its wood-paneled interior, like the illuminated king riding in a royal carriage, alone but for the clanking sound of the wheels — and also, very possibly, literally alone as the trolley's sole passenger.

Do not waste this opportunity! Imagine the sound of the trolley's mechanical rocking, and something else, oh yes, there it is: the sound of intrigued feminine murmurs trailing behind, that most sultry of questions — "Is that someone actually riding the trolley?" — floating above the street. "Dang, dang, dang," the ladies will say as you rumble past, their gazes lingering on your fresh haircut and that one jacket that makes your shoulders pop. You look good, and everyone can check you out. Certainly they will ask, "Who was that hottie on the trolley?" — and that hottie was you.

And don't you worry about actually meeting those women. You'll be seeing them again, and soon, just as soon as the trolley turns around in about a mile.

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