Best Place to Meet Women

Blood & Sand

Note the name of this category is "Best" and not "Easiest," because at Blood & Sand suitors will find several obstacles in their paths. Firstly, only dues-paying club members and invited guests of members may wine and dine at this private establishment (and enrollment is currently closed). Second, once he makes it past the front doors, an eligible individual must abide by rule No. 1 in the Blood & Sand membership rule book: "Members are expected to ask the bartender before approaching someone who's sitting at the bar." On its face, these may seem like prohibitive restrictions. But what woman doesn't love a man (or woman) who's willing to fight for her affection? Many a young lady can be found unwinding here after a long day at the office, waiting demurely for a gentleman who is bold enough of spirit to implore the barkeep to allow his approach. It may be gimmicky, but hey, whatever works. And if the lady in question is so hardhearted that she declines an invitation, at least it saves both parties the energy of small talk and the gentleman the cost of whatever the lady is drinking.

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