Best Place to Meet Single Women

Rock 'N Roll Craft Show

Want to find that perfect set of hand-quilted beefcake boy-printed potholders for Mom's Christmas gift — and maybe a date for New Year's Eve? Hit the Rock 'N Roll Craft Show. The eighth-annual Thanksgiving craft fair, held at Third Degree Glass Factory (5200 Delmar Boulevard), won't feature any wooden yard art of bent-over grannies, but it promises to bring out the best and brightest of St. Louis' craft scene, which always includes plenty of forward-thinking, music-loving, fashionable, creative women who just might gouge you with a felting needle if you step out of line. Where else can you buy a hand-thrown pottery mug glazed to retro-atomic perfection and present it to a craft-loving lady with an invitation for a coffee date? Try it. It's so much better than your usual lame bar pickup attempts. It's also less likely to end in needle wounds.

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