Best Place to Meet Single Women

Kaldi's Coffeehouse

The Kaldi's Coffeehouse on DeMun Avenue isn't a typical coffeehouse. It isn't even a typical Kaldi's. There is no Wi-Fi here, nor are there outlets for your laptop. This is a coffeehouse to enjoy a latte while you read a book — remember them? — or watch your dog gambol in the park across the street. It is, above all else, a place to be social — to talk with friends or to make new ones. In other words, it is the perfect spot to meet a woman. Not, mind you, a place to score (though if one thing should lead to another, more power to you!) but to engage an interesting woman in thoughtful conversation about politics, literature, music, the arts or whatever else strikes your fancy. The important thing is, it can't be an act. These are smart women; they can smell a fraud through all the Axe body spray in the world. You really must know what you're talking about. So grab a serious novel and a copy of the Economist and head to Kaldi's for a cup of terrific coffee and some uninterrupted reading. Who knows? You might get lucky, and the woman will make the first move, uttering four of the most beautiful words that will ever leave her lips: "I'm reading that, too."

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