Best Place to Meet Single Women

St. Louis Community College-Forest Park Dental Hygiene Clinic

You know that cute girl you see twice a year at the dentist's office? The one who calls B.S. when you swear you floss every day? Yup, that's her — the hygienist with the pearly white smile. Well, once upon a time she was in training, and, along with fifteen of her perky young female classmates, she was in need of somebody to practice on. Which is to say that you, friend, could be that somebody. The dental-hygiene clinic at St. Louis Community College seeks volunteer test patients throughout the school year. The upside of the arrangement is three chances to interact with the prospective woman of your dreams, with each encounter lasting roughly two hours. That's more than enough time to spit out the pickup line you already gurgle at your regular hygienist. The budding young professionals will also perform standard procedures such as plaque removal, fluoride trays and X-rays (don't worry, no root canals) for about $15 — a price that's likely less than your copay and definitely cheaper than dinner for two. There's one big drawback: You have to subject yourself to amateur dental care. But hey, it can't be worse than your last blind date, right?

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