Best Place to Meet Single Women

Parties in the Park

Also known as "Secretary's Ball" for its ability to cause female office workers to lose their inhibitions (and pantsuits) as quickly as the proverbial prom dress, Parties in the Park remains the region's biggest open-air meat market. For 25 years huntresses by the hundreds have descended on Clayton's Shaw Park at 5 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month (May through September) with two goals in mind: to suck down as many fishbowl-size margaritas as humanly possible and to take home that banker, lawyer or business executive of her dreams. Don't fit those qualifications? Not to worry, gents. By the time she's had a few more drinks at the Cardwell's after-party, chances are she won't notice that your Ford Escort isn't a 5-series Bimmer and your Spartan studio apartment's a far cry from a loft condo.

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