Best Place to Meet Single Women

Simply Ballroom

While it has long been assumed that women love a man who can cut a rug, researchers at Rutgers University recently conducted a study that showed better dancers attract a higher number of mates, and more desirable ones at that. So, bub, dust off your dancing shoes, grease your hair à la Patrick Swayze and hasten to Simply Ballroom. Beginners' lessons are cheap — group sessions for singles start at $120 per person for six once-a-week classes — and you don't need a partner to enroll. The beauty of a ballroom-dance class is that prospective partners must spend at least four minutes in close, hands-on (advice: don't be that guy) proximity — ample time for your best one-liner and pitch for post-class drinks. If that's not enough to sway ya, many of the dances Simply Ballroom offers — waltz, tango, cha-cha, rumba, swing — actually require some physical effort. So even if you end up home alone watching Dancing With the Stars reruns, at least you'll be fit enough to endure your next option: speed dating.
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