Best Place to Meet Single Women

Draw Club

Alternating weekly between the Art Lofts and the Gauthier Gallery (check the Web address above for details), Draw Club combines the essential elements of an eventful encounter: booze and nudity. But we're not recommending Draw Club so you can go ogling the (typically female) models. That's bad form. You're looking for a talented artist. Organizer Chris Myers says Draw Club attracts a "hip and trendy" crowd. It'll cost you a little cash -- $10 covers refreshments and the model's fee -- and you should bring your own paper and drawing utensils. Of course, if you're really of a mind to impress the females, you might try going where few men have gone before. "Sometimes it's hard to find a guy model," Myers hints. "They chicken out. It might be a macho thing -- they might not measure up." Twenty bucks an hour says you'll do just fine.
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