Best Place to Meet Single Men

International Tap House

If we've learned anything from Homer Simpson, it's that men are simple creatures. A good beer-scented belch here, a nice 32-ounce porterhouse there — it's not rocket science. So why not seek them out at their most contented, a place where beer flows like carbonated wine? Look no further, ladies, than the cathedral to man's first love: the International Tap House, Soulard edition. Five hundred beers, forty of them on draft, and way too many flat-screens showing SportsCenter, all tucked away in man-friendly Soulard. And if we've learned anything from Marge, it's that it's best to let your man think he's telling you something you don't already know, and then feed him. Well, even if you're a beer snob, you can let him explain the difference between a porter and a Kölsch, and once you've hooked him, casually suggest ordering food from one of the neighboring establishments (they don't do food at iTap). Bam! First date is over before he's realized what happened. Say it with us now: "Mmm, beer."

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