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Powell Hall

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Sure, a man who appreciates music is a catch, but a man who cosplays as a sword­-swinging elf during a symphonic performance of beloved video-game themes is a downright gift. Since the introduction of its "Live at Powell Hall" series several years ago, the St. Louis Symphony is attracting a more diverse audience than ever, and many men who spew Star Wars trivia or know the Konami code are among them, thanks to concerts such as "The Music of John Williams" and "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses." These well-­rounded heroes tend to possess the boyfriend qualities most of us can only hope for: passion, deep intellect, humor and attention to detail, not to mention excellent way-finding abilities, thanks to years of navigating 8­-bit maps. The best part: These men often attend with their friends, not their lovers, so you can fill up your heart container without fear. 718 North Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, 63103. 314-533-2500,
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