Best Place to Meet Men

STL Brewery Hop

The icebreaker. It's by far the hardest part of meeting a member of the opposite sex. How do you approach someone without seeming cheesy or desperate or (worse) desperately cheesy? Well, alcohol can certainly lower your inhibitions. But so, too, can squeezing onto an old school bus with strangers for what might best be described as an adult-oriented field trip. Each Saturday and Sunday, STL Brewery Hop departs from area bars for a behind-the-scenes tour of multiple local microbreweries. Along the way there's plenty of time for product sampling and mingling with the up-to-twenty guests aboard this roving barroom, which tends to be particularly popular with bachelor parties and groups of bros in general. Sure, the intended purpose of the outing is to learn more about the chemistry of beer, but it's not uncommon for STL Brewery Hop participants to discover a chemistry of their own.

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