Best Place to Meet Married Women

Laclede's Landing

Happily married women don't spend their evenings bar-hopping sans hubby on Laclede's Landing. There are other bars for that — bars where shitfaced strangers won't think it's appropriate to ask for a hand job in a bathroom that reeks of Jell-O-shot vomit. Unhappily married women, however, are a different breed. Though she'll probably grimace in disgust if propositioned for a handy, a married woman with a roving eye knows Laclede's Landing is where to find ready, willing and, God-willing, able men who are DTF. (Google it.) With sports bars, seedy dives and hoochie-mama nightclubs to spare, the Landing presents a large sample of personalities to peruse and pursue — not to mention it's a tourist playground. (What's better when stepping out than a fast and dirty fling with that MILF from Milwaukee?) The Landing also endures as a popular place for bridal showers. This is important to consider because many brides-to-be travel with at least one married woman. And who knows? Maybe the soon-to-be-betrothed will be in the mood for one last casual encounter before tying the knot. We know she doesn't technically count as a married woman, but it does amount to the same level of sleaze.

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