Best Place to Meet Married Men

Cordell & Cordell

It's not all that hard to meet a married man. They're everywhere: in the cubicle next door, perched on the next barstool, sweating in the next seat at Busch Stadium. There they are, in the park, coaching their kids' T-ball games, browsing the shelves at Schnucks (sometimes observed holding shopping lists in feminine handwriting), their wedding bands winking in the fluorescent light. The problem is finding a married man who wants to meet you. The solution: the divorce attorneys, of course! Specifically, Cordell & Cordell, widely advertised on sports radio as the best divorce attorneys for men. We can't guarantee that the married men in the Cordell & Cordell lobby won't be feeling bitter toward the whole female sex, or that they won't be a little depressed and prone to storytelling about their soon-to-be-exes, or that they're not about to be cleaned out by child-support payments, but c'mon. You're reading this because you want to find a married man. If you want a guy who's already been broken in, you can hardly object to a little baggage.

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