Best Place to Male-Bond

Blues games

The Blues are deadlocked 1-1 with the Blackhawks in the second period, and the action is vicious, but the three beers in your bladder are leading you away from the game, to a men's room on the Savvis Center concourse. You enter the bathroom to find eight long lines of dudes, one for each urinal. You mutter a curse and wait your turn. Each guy is taking forever to expel his own respective three Buds, and you're afraid you're going to miss a goal or a good fight, trapped as you are in here. Then some guy yells out "Go Blues!" and the entire restroom erupts in response: "GO BLUES!" Another guy gets the idea and mimics the trumpet call from W.C. Handy's immortal "St. Louis Blues." Soon the men's room is a riot of drunken singing and you realize, in your fuzzy, hockey- and beer-induced glee, that you've made a connection with pissing strangers. Go Blues!
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