Best Place to Lust After Furniture

Edwin Pepper Interiors

Just lie. Tell them your interior designer's on her way, she's matching plaids in Edinburgh, she's plucking damask roses. You'll just take a little look-see without her. And do try not to drool on the neoclassical sofa or claw the heraldic emblems stitched so gracefully into faded green cloth. Nod knowingly at the silvery-bronze velvet coquette chairs, tilt the price tag on the walnut Chippendale chair ever so slightly and try not to blanch. Remember, this isn't simply furniture. It's an art collection. Note how tall the carved-stone elephant stand is, letting the marble lamp rise high above the sofa. Note the jagged amethyst glass sculpture; the armoire with a frieze of classical Greek horses; the gilded mirror taller than you are, slouching elegantly against the wall. There are antique birdcages with more architecture than most houses. Step into the elevator -- decorated with a console table and German oil painting -- and rise to another showroom floor ... the rugs-and-carpet floor ... the drapery workroom. In this thin air, even leopardskin manages subtlety.
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