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Bevo Mill

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Bevo Mill is St. Louis’ meltiest melting pot. It’s a neighborhood whose diversity is spelled out in its mix of Bosnian/English signs, its selection of Mexican, Syrian and Afghan eateries just down the street from the neighborhood’s namesake windmill built by a real-life beer baron. Gravois Avenue runs through Bevo like a multicultural ribbon, carrying you from Bosnian restaurants to a pinball punk bar to an outdoor skatepark. And while Bevo’s streets may be lined with homes whose prices might pay for a bathroom in Ladue, what you get in return might be the closest thing St. Louis has to working-class suburbs. Tucked between Dutchtown, Holly Hills and Tower Grove South, Bevo is minutes from south city’s best restaurants, while Carondelet Park, perhaps the city’s most criminally underappreciated park, is on its southern border. Cozy, livable and lived-in, Bevo is a neighborhood that just keeps giving — and if you give yourself time to fall in love with it, you’ll melt right in. — Danny Wicentowski

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