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The Hill

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If you want to live in the city but have all of the familiar comforts of a small town, you have to move to the Hill. The Hill, that adorable little old neighborhood just west of Kingshighway along Highway 44, has a small-town vibe with old-world charm. The Italian American neighborhood is packed with restaurants, bistros and sandwich shops. The small houses here are passed down through generations, but there is always something new to check out on Marconi Avenue. Just this year, the Piazza Imo was completed. This beautiful little chill zone is situated just across the street from St. Ambrose on the Hill, the Catholic church and school that serves as the epicenter for neighborhood life, and it's the perfect place to kick back with a gelato while gazing at the huge marble fountain. But it's not just the daytime that impresses. At night, the quiet streets are filled with the scents of garlic and fresh-baked bread. The Hill is heaven.

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