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Tower Grove South

The urban theorist Jane Jacobs described an ideal city neighborhood as one with a mix of low-rise residences and street-level businesses where people would be able to look out for one another. She had in mind New York's Greenwich Village, where she was living in the early 1960s when she wrote her seminal The Death and Life of Great American Cities, but we think she'd approve of Tower Grove South. Anchored at its north end by Tower Grove Park and on the east by the shops and restaurants on South Grand Boulevard, with the Morgan Ford Road strip running through its middle, Tower Grove South is one of the city's largest neighborhoods. It encompasses grand single-family homes, more modest bungalows, apartment buildings and four-families. You can drink PBR or fine wine, eat food harvested from farms 50 miles away or imported from 10,000, jog through the park or sit on your ass watching the game. (Which game? The Cardinals or soccer piped in from Europe via satellite?) Best of all, even if you don't know everyone you meet during an evening walk around the neighborhood, so many folks will smile and greet you, you'll feel as though you do.

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