Best Place to Let Out Your Inner Artist

South Broadway Art Project

Everyone possesses a bit of creative spirit, even if that tiny sliver of imagination has been suppressed since your childhood art classes. Though you might think paint refers just to house colors or that brushes are for unruly hair, at the South Broadway Art Project you can relearn that these are the instruments to uncover and nurture your creative spirit, no matter its current underdeveloped state. In addition to classes and art camps for kids, this small Marine Villa studio offers one-night workshops for adults, dubbed Canvas, Cocktails & More. Your instructor guides you through the basics of the evening's medium — whether it's painting, textiles or paper-casting. The most difficult part of the night just may be getting started. Making that first brush stroke on a blank canvas, for example, might seem impossibly difficult at first, but fortunately, you'll have brought along a bottle of wine (for the "cocktail" part of the night), and the fermented grapes will help stay your fears and allow you to throw some color on there already and live a little!

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