Best Place to Learn Spanish

La Tropicana Market

Cubans speak a dialect of Spanish that is notoriously difficult to understand. They talk fast, use a lot of slang, and often cut off the ends of their words. Lucky for you, however, if you go to La Tropicana to practice your español you'll mostly be speaking to a bunch of gringos and gringas who, like you, can't tell the difference between a margarita and a mariachi, let alone por and para. Two Spanish practice groups from Yahoo! and get together on weekends at the Latin American market/restaurant/deli just off South Kingshighway. With a Corona or two to help loosen their lips, they talk to strangers in Spanglish about everything from salsa dancing to their latest trip to Guatemala. It's a friendly, welcoming environment for speakers of all levels. Just know that if you decide to try talking to the little old Cuban lady behind the counter it's not just the cervezas that are making things tough to comprehend.

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