Best Place to Jog

Carondelet Park

St. Louis has no shortage of beautiful parks to run in, and for that, we are blessed. Carondelet Park is ideal mostly because of its versatility. You can run the paved, marked trail one time around for about a mile and a half. Said distance is perfect for the weekend warrior who may not be able to stomach much more, but it's also great for more intense runners who want to stretch it out over multiple laps. Let's face it: A one-mile lap is too short and arguably repetitive (sorry, Francis Park). And six miles is a bit much (you win, Forest Park). Carondelet offers an ideal distance, and the route is beautiful. The western side leads you down tree-lined Leona Street, which features a stretch that's covered by a canopy of trees and attracts bird enthusiasts from all over the area. The Loughborough Avenue stretch takes you past the playground, the horseshoe pits and the lovely Boathouse Lake. Finally, the Holly Hills Boulevard run gives you a chance to slow down, catch your breath and check out some of the prettiest homes in the city.

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