Best Place to Jog

Hanley to Kingshighway (and back), via Wydown and Lindell

Why running in a park sucks: There are lots of other runners sharing that teensy trail, and most of them are fitter and faster than you. Trees and squirrels don't provide much visual stimulation. (When was the last time your mind carried on a conversation with itself about acorns?) And running around a park is even worse: the same loop-the-loop over and over, tantamount to running around a track. Give us running through an actual neighborhood any day. A rich neighborhood? Better still. So here's our favorite six-mile route: Begin at Hanley Road and Wydown Boulevard. (See the Starbucks on the corner? They've got a restroom. Use it.) Head east on Wydown to Skinker, admiring the monied manses of Clayton. Skirt the west end of Forest Park as you head north to Lindell Boulevard, then hang a right. Now we're really talking manses! As you run along Lindell down to Kingshighway, think about who might live in these places. Contemplate how much longer you'll have to slave for The Man before you become one of them. Make up cartoon voices for each house. When you reach the Chase Park Plaza (another potty break?), take a deep breath, turn around and run back. ("I am zee French château! Regardez mes French doors! Zut alors, I am a maison mansion!")
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