Best Place to Indulge Legal Vice

HSB Tobacconist

Oscar Wilde said that smoking was the perfect pleasure because it left you unsatisfied. And if you spend more for the habit, you'll think twice before lighting up. HSB has American brands, but you'll also find more than 200 imports. Unfortunately, plenty of Euro-brands (like Old Holborn of the U.K.) have been scared out of America by high tariffs and enormous class-action lawsuits, but other countries are willing to take the risk. Take a tour and try a bidi from India, dark tobacco wrapped cigar-style and tied with a thread. Or go domestic and get a box of Nat Sherman's Fantasia Lights -- mild but flavorful tobacco in candy-colored wrapping you can coordinate with your wardrobe. Or get an ounce or two of loose tobacco and do it yourself. Rizla licorice papers will also make for a much smoother smoke, and if you're going to the trouble of contriving your own cancer sticks, you may cut back -- or actually enjoy the habit. And, in this age of voluminous disclosure, smoking is the last vice that truly shocks.
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