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Rockwoods Reservation

Located off Highway 109 in Eureka, about ten minutes from Interstate 44, Rockwoods Reservation offers a variety of short hikes in a beautiful, quiet setting. The park features six hiking trails of varying difficulty levels and lengths up to 3.6 miles. The Lime Kiln Loop Trail, a 3.2-mile hike, passes by a 40-foot stone kiln, which, as its name suggests, was formerly used for burning limestone to make powder for mortar. The loop trail features a rocky elevation gain to get your heart pumping at the start of the hike but then levels off in the middle stretch before declining again. The 1.5-mile Trail Among the Trees is mostly paved but winds through an almost surreal stretch of new-growth forest and passes by a cave. In relatively close proximity to the city, Rockwoods Reservation offers an opportunity to see wild plant and animal life and natural resources while learning about St. Louis' industrial history.

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