Best Place to Go When You've Got a Screw Loose

Hanneke Hardware

The wheel gets all the credit—the magazine covers, the groupies, the endorsement offers—but when it comes to simple machines, the screw's the one that holds the world together. Screws are everywhere and in everything, from the buildings we live and work in to the cars we drive to the devices and tools we use. When one gets lost, things can fall apart rather quickly. That's when it's time to head to Hanneke, an old-school hardware store that's a refreshing antidote to the big-boxes. Go toward the back, where banks of cabinets contain hundreds of drawers that house gazillions of fasteners of every imaginable size, length, head configuration and description. A knowledgeable employee will help you locate what you need, whether it's a single tiny machine screw for a vintage microphone or enough wood screws to hold together a house. With an inventory tailored to a city full of older homes, plus exemplary service, Hanneke Hardware is the sort of retro retailer that should never go out of style.
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