Best Place to Go Green

EarthWays Center

Post-Inconvenient Truth, most know that going green is not just something that happens after you eat three-day-old sushi. Jean Ponzi, who has been the program manager at EarthWays Center for twelve years, noticed a change right after the movie's release. "It's like all of a sudden you're popular," she says. Of course the center, owned by the Missouri Botanical Garden since 2000, was around long before going green became as trendy in Hollywood as going commando. The quaint, three-story Victorian home dates back to 1885. After sitting vacant for thirteen years, the house was gutted in 1994 by a group of forward thinkers who set it up as a model of sustainable living in an urban setting. Public tours are offered the third Saturday and Sunday of each month. The greatest part about the tour is the can-do approach of Ponzi and her team: By focusing on solutions rather than interrogating guests about recycling habits, they show us that green living is not so inconvenient after all.
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