Best Place to Get Fatter

Sauce on the Side

No, a calzone is not just a pizza folded in half. Next time you're drunkenly arguing over the merits of the calzone as an art form, you can cite Sauce on the Side to support your view. Its dough and sauces are made on-site with locally sourced ingredients. The menu is small and focused, catering to many palates with its choice of in-house specials. The "Fatty B" is a riff on Italian favorites with meatballs and provolone, while the "Five-O" smashes up pancetta with pineapple. But make no bones about it: The food here is a calorie-counter's nightmare. Even the salads feel indulgent, each with a hefty dollop of dressing or vinaigrette. The prices are fair and won't break the bank — but if you're eating here each week, remember to count the cost of your ever-expanding waistline. New pants aren't cheap.

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