Best Place to Get Fatter


What better place to expand one's waistline than at a burger joint actually called "Chubbies"? Even the letters in its bright orange logo are horizontally challenged. At the Delmar Loop's newest burger establishment — just opened in February — the menu seems tailor-made to lure twenty-year-old undergrads from Washington University: burgers, wings, cheese fries, cheesesteaks. Those kids may still have million-mile-an-hour metabolisms, but the rest of us are not so lucky. And with fresh, locally sourced beef patties piled with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, drizzled in tangy "Chubbie sauce" and sandwiched between a crisp, buttered potato bun, it's not like you stand a chance of resisting. These burgers are every bit as addictive as the East Coast's Shake Shack, and it's a wonder Chubbies isn't dealing with a roly-poly line of customers around the block. Here's the really bad news: Once you're finished wolfing down that Chubbie Double, you've got the frozen custard machine staring you down. Chubbies offers this thick, frozen confection in several sinful flavors, like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Butterfinger.

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