Best Place to Get Fatter

The U

Only two years into its operation, the U is famous far beyond midtown for its mouthwatering selection of hamburgers, hot wings and griddled sandwiches served well into the wee hours (3:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday!). In January the U launched a successful foray into breakfast and brunch options, dishing up omelets, pancakes and some of the city's most potent sausage gravy. Every item is built to satisfy, though you'll need to accept that it's the kind of place that implies an unspoken contract to not inquire into the caloric content. (Health food, it ain't.) And while the relatively restrained salads remain popular choices, the just-released "Graduate" burger will likely make owner/chef Adam Kustra the new poster boy for nutritional irresponsibility: Standing a full six inches tall, the "Graduate" is composed of (deep breath) two hamburger patties, four slices of bacon, two chicken strips, three slices of cheese, chili, fried onion strings, giardiniera, cheese sauce, Thousand Island dressing and a fried egg, served on a toasted brioche bun, for a reasonable $11.99. We have just one question: How are you supposed to fit this thing in your mouth?

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