Best Place to Get Fatter

Hodak's Restaurant & Bar

Here's what transpires every day at Hodak's: A server brings a customer a steaming plate. It is heaped with four pieces of juicy fried chicken, with crinkly French fries and cole slaw on the side. The customer stuffs his pie hole, then is required to pay $7.35 (!) plus tax. Transaction complete. In our age of fad diets and pricey seaweed smoothies, Hodak's is both cheap and refreshingly unapologetic about its belt-defying menu: deep-fried appetizers, robust steaks, seafood, ribs, sammies. Still not full? How about some cheesecake? And with a full bar, friendly service and homey atmosphere, you've got plenty of reasons not to go to the beach. Just bring your appetite. And a wheelbarrow.

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