Best Place to Get Fatter

Tiffany's Original Diner

This city has plenty of greasy spoons, but there is one destination that, ahem, takes the cake. Tiffany's Diner in Maplewood is a pint-size slice of deep-fried Americana. The diner is open 24/7 and the employees put on a show all day long. Here you are guaranteed a heaping helping of Attitude Problem from a beehive-headed waitress. (It's OK, a little acid will help you digest.) Aside from the coronary-inducing fried delights, nearly everything on the menu is blanketed with a few inches of butter. Tiffany's is also said to serve up the most righteous slinger west of the south side, and we're not gonna argue. That's Tiffany's: keeping cardiologists in business for decades.
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