Best Place to Get Fatter

The Black Stallion Room

Aaaaaaaand they're off! Thursday Night has been training well lately here at Fairmount Park's Black Stallion Room, and with the odds stacked against Dusty Benches, Seven Bucks Entry Fee looks ready to deliver. Dollar Beer is definitely a crowd favorite, but don't discount Hot Wings just yet! Pasta Salad's holding its own, as is Trough of Spaghetti. But suddenly out of nowhere down the backstretch it's Plateful of Beets! Plateful of Beets! No Sneezeguard offers a bit of hesitation, but not for long.... Hugeass Pizza can't be beat! Rounding the clubhouse turn, everyone's cheering for Dollar Beer! I tell you, these people just can't get enough of that Dollar Beer! Out of nowhere, it's Hugeass Pizza again! Down to the wire, it's Moaning -- it's Burping -- it's Moaning -- it's Burping...and in the end, Your Stomach is the big winner!
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