Best Place To Get Black Underground Movies

Ghetto Koool Stuff

In the heart of the South Side, Shaft lives again -- not the 1990s Samuel Jackson wannabe version but cool, old-school, Richard Roundtree Shaft. From the outside, Ghetto Koool looks more like the entrance to a flea market, but inside is a virtual treasure trove of black underground movies you won't find at Blockbuster. Owner Dunkor Imani is clearly proud of this collection, which includes movies directed by Luther Campbell. Campbell's Luke movies are hard to find, perhaps because they tread that thin line between risqué and porn. Larger video stores refuse to carry Campbell's movies. Imani admits they are not exactly mainstream, but that's how he likes it. For those who need a little color in their beach movies, the store also carries Freaknik flicks, a black version of the Annette Funicello beach-party genre but with booty-shaking contests. If movies are not your interest, the store also has what Imani calls "getting-over books," and not self-help getting-over-love books, either -- these are "crime and thug" instructionals such as the Outlaw's Bible. Even if you're planning on staying on the right side of the law Ghetto Koool Stuff offers an interesting foray into anything counterculture and underground.
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