Best Place To Get a Regular Haircut

Larry Evilsizor Barber Stylist

You can judge a barber shop by its magazines. The rack at Larry Evilsizor's shop holds Field & Stream, Popular Science and National Geographic, stalwart reading matter for the men and boys who parade through the door of this unassuming tonsorial cubbyhole with its jars of talc and bottles of hair tonic on the back shelves. It's a one-man, one-chair operation, and the affable proprietor, 43, has been clipping heads for 25 years, the last 10 in this location, the basement of a house in Affton. Evilsizor is a traditional barber, and most regulars call for the tried-and-true "regular" haircut. He's also up on current styles and will do, on request, the Fade and the Caesar, this year's hip do's, but it'll cost 11 smackers, the same as the regular. "The new styles are just a variation of the old styles," says Evilsizor, checking the symmetry on a crewcut in progress. The sign out front -- "Larry Evilsizor Barber Stylist" -- brings in some new customers, partly out of curiosity. Evil Scissor? What kind of barber shop is that? Actually, the name is pronounced "Evil-Size-Er," a surname of German-Swedish origin. Still, it's fun to tell people you get your hair cut by Larry Evil Scissors. And at a time when a generation of older barbers are retiring, Larry is OK with any device -- even the deliberate butchering of his name for comic effect -- that will draw customers. "There's Larry's Barber Shop in Fenton," offers Larry, "and Larry's Haircuts around the corner on Weber Road, so you've got to have something to set your place apart."

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