Best Place To Fix the Chandelier Your Uncle Swung From

Faulkenberry Antique Lighting

You can trust Billy Joe Faulkenberry with every teardrop of your antique crystal chandelier. Known as the "king of chandeliers," Faulkenberry is a middle-aged woman's ideal: He respects age, you see, and cherishes the most fragile beauty. He plays God in his little Cherokee workroom, making light stream from fixtures gone dark with the rot of time. He even fashions his own crystal chandeliers, brilliant massings of sparkling white light that could hang in the grandest entrance hall, subtle reminders of heaven. Not everything can be cosmic, though; when Faulkenberry comes back down to earth, he makes mirrors of old ceiling tin, turns salvaged wood "shabby chic" with distressed white paint, lacquers old dentists' cabinets for New York-style lofts. He has an eye for restoration in any form, a compulsion to take what's old and broken and make it fresh and pleasing again.
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