Best Place to Find Unusual-Size Dress Shirts for Men

Floor Under the Shelves at Syms

Tall men have problems the rest of the world can never imagine. Most men, when their one dress shirt gets torn, can just run to the mall and find a $20 replacement in any of two dozen stores. But when your size is 16 by 37, your choices become very limited. Repp Big and Tall may be your only hope, and they will likely have only two shirts in your size, both priced above $60. That's where Syms comes in so handy. Syms is the department store where unwanted merchandise goes home to a reasonably priced last chance to make somebody happy. The store is famous for its mark-down policy, in which customers can play a game of roulette with their favorite sportcoat, watching it go down in price every few weeks and hoping nobody else scoops it up first. Syms has thousands of dress shirts on shelves in the men's department, toward the back of the store, but even there hope often seems lost for our hapless tall man. But eventually, out of the corner of his highly perched eye, he notices boxes stacked on the floor beneath the shelves. Down on his hands and knees, it becomes clear that odd sizes are marked on those boxes, and five options, in a variety of colors, are discovered. For $17, the tall man who dresses up once or twice a year is ready for the next decade, thanks to the complete self-service warehousing policy of Syms.
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