Best Place To Find Comfy Shoes

Sole Survivor

Everyone's swirling around the ballroom floor, and you're in the corner drinking steadily. Your new Parisian beau wants to scale the Eiffel Tower, and you can't even make it to le metro. Painful shoes are sexy for about five minutes, until you realize the pain's made you cranky and all you want to do is soak your feet in Epsom salts. But try finding a wearable alternative in the leather-and-chains world of shoe design. Sole Survivor, aptly named, may be your best hope: Sensible European shoes, with soles resilient enough that you won't feel every pea you tread upon. Pretty colors, like lavender and Delft blue, so you don't feel orthopedic. And design that lets the shoe fit your foot, instead of some Procrustes of a salesman shoveling your fat footsie into a narrow coffin and pronouncing it perfect.

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