Best Place to Feel Small in the World

Edward “Ted” and Pat Jones-Confluence Point State Park

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When everything feels out of control, the quickest way to ground yourself is to find a nice slice of nature. In this area, we have no shortage of amazing natural vistas, too. We’re all just a short drive away from open fields, rolling hills, sharp cliffs and peaceful lakes. But if you want to tap into some local geography while getting a dose of nature, your best bet is to head to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. As the place where two majestic rivers meet, this spot has drawn humans to it for centuries. Standing on the corner of land where the two rivers carve through the land and meet, you can feel the power of the waters as they rush past you. Watching their colors mix together as they blend and churn together on to the south is a moving experience. In fact, this confluence of rivers is so monumental that it is often easy to see in pictures of Earth taken from space. Sometimes it’s good to remember how small you are in the big universe. — Jaime Lees

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