Best Place to Eat Out With Grandpa

Fast Eddie's Bon-Air

Grandpa may be getting older, but for God's sake, he's not dead. You may not be able to help him fulfill his dream of owning a motorcycle (Grandma says no, so he'll have to keep putt-putting around the neighborhood on his moped), but the very least you can do is stop taking him out for pancakes. Grandpa's sick of pancakes. Grandpa's also sick of all the screaming little kids out with the other grandpas at the pancake houses. So take Grandpa someplace he'll actually enjoy: Fast Eddie's Bon-Air in Alton. He'll like the retro signs on the wall and the retro prices on the menu. The burgers are still 99 cents, the boiled shrimp are still 29 cents apiece, and nothing's more than $3.99. It'll remind Grandpa that his youth isn't that far away. The music's loud enough that he won't have to complain that his hearing's going. Buy him a beer and watch him (discreetly) check out the cocktail waitresses and listen to him tell you a few racy stories. The place is 21-and-over, so he won't be corrupting any innocents. On the way home, roll down the window and hit the gas pedal a little harder than you need to. Time's passing, but you and Grandpa are both alive, dammit, and don't you forget it.

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