Best Place to Eat Out with Grandpa


If there is one person who likes to keep it real, it's Grandpa. He's been known to smack strangers with his cane. Anyone under age 50's a "whippersnapper." Grandpa don't take no shit. Neither does Eat-Rite. St. Louis' most storied diner is about as real as you can get, with no-nonsense servers, honest deep-fried everything and prices to match. The next time it's your turn to feed Grandpa (does the dude have a frickin' tapeworm or what?), take him to Eat-Rite. After the old guy's done talking about the days when he had to walk 27 miles in the snow, uphill (both ways), just to buy a loaf of five-cent bread, honor your elder by picking up the minuscule tab. After all, at least some kids these days know a little about respect.
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