Best Place to Eat Out Alone

The Buttery

Some dine alone because they're lonely. Others dine alone to avoid the hassle of their fellow humans. Then there are the hungry folks who can't be bothered to fire up a stove. The Buttery caters to all these people, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It's a classic bargain-basement greasy spoon: burgers, melts, sammies, deep-fried sides and breakfast at any hour. The regulars are friendly, if you're on a counter stool and up for a chat. As soon as regulars walk in, Dottie or Joyce (both've cooked and waited tables here for decades) will pour them coffee without asking. Here on South Grand, the occasional drunk hipster or prostitute will stir up a little drama, but most of the time it's just candid banter and hearty eating. Of course, if you just want to read alone in one of the booths, nobody's going to bother you. Just make sure to bring cash — joints like this don't bother with credit cards.

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