Best Place to Eat Out Alone


Yes, Niche is one of the best restaurants in St. Louis, and, yes, Gerard Craft is one of the city's most acclaimed chefs, and blah, blah, blah. This isn't about Niche. This is about you. You're on your own tonight. Maybe you're on your own every night. Whatever the case, tonight you've decided you're going to do dinner right. Have a seat at Niche's bar, order the tasting menu and then let Craft, executive pastry chef Mathew Rice and their more-than-able lieutenants take care of the rest. What will you eat? Who knows? That's part of the charm. The menu changes often, and if you're really lucky — or really nice — you might receive a course or two that aren't even on the menu. Whatever you're given, this is the perfect opportunity to savor every aspect of a meal, from presentation to aroma to flavor. Don't be embarrassed: Stick your nose right down there and take a deep whiff. You're not here to impress anyone but yourself.

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