Best Place to Drown Your Sorrows


The dark, divey and smoky CBGB, one of Tower Grove's best dive bars, is the perfect place to disappear. The drinks are affordable and strong, and it's a simple task to find a private corner to lick your wounds. In the hazy light, no one will recognize you or even notice your tears. If you're feeling especially down, go to the bathroom and contribute to all the angry comments scrawled on the wall. Throw some darts to vent your rage. The bartenders, meanwhile, are quick, kind and never judgmental. Once your sorrows have finally gasped their last breath, there is a pretty diverse crowd inside and outside to commiserate with. Bum a smoke and make a friend. Play some pinball or shuffleboard. Or just go to the usually underpopulated back yard and lie down and stare at the sky. CBGB, which last year celebrated its 25th anniversary, reminds customers that there's no reason to waste time trying to impress others. As the bar said in a recent Facebook post: "Leave the nice clothes at home."

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