Best Place to Drown Your Sorrows

Slo-Tom's Lounge

To call Slo-Tom's Lounge an anachronism is accurate but not entirely true. It is, perhaps, best described as a simulacrum, the sort of place you've seen in a thousand old movies, and maybe even your dreams — but that never really existed. Inside Slo-Tom's is a dark and enfolding womb complete with a drink list and the saddest jukebox in all creation. It's a little rundown, a little frayed around the edges, but all the more charming for it. There's wallowing, to be sure, but of an uplifting sort, with records made by sad-eyed cowboys and talk if you want it. They say it's always darkest before the dawn, and there's no better place to wait for the dawn to come than here.

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